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Welcome at the portal of the Heritage Centre Zutphen. The Heritage Centre represents the four keepers of historical collections of the municipality of Zutphen:

  • Archeology
  • Monuments
  • Museum Zutphen
  • Regional Archive Zutphen (includes the municipalities of Brummen and Lochem)

These four partners are represented by the heritage manager, Hendrik Haafkens. He and his team hold office in the historical building of the Regional Archive of Zutphen at the Spiegelstraat 13 in Zutphen. This portal means to be the online gateway to the municipal heritage in Zutphen and wants to provide you with the opportunity to search all their collections at once.


Currently, eight collections are presented on this portal, but in time ten collections will be available. Below, you will find an overview of all these collections with a short introduction.

In this collection you can look for ancestors from the municipalities of Zutphen, Brummen and Lochem.

This collection presents the complete collection of the Museum Zutphen and some of the best finds of Archeology.

Adressbooks and annual reports (jaarverslagen) of Zutphen. Over time, some historical papers will be added.

Are you interested in a property in the municipalities of Zutphen, Lochem or Brummen? The building permits often include ground plans and historical information. Through the e-loket you can search by adress send a request for digital copies, if available.

The municipalities of Brummen, Lochem and Zutphen have gathered a variety of books, magazines and historical notes. The titles can be found in this collection, the material can be consulted at the Regional Archive Zutphen.

  • Archeology (Archeologie)

As an old city, Zutphen has an own archeological department. Their findings are preserved and the inventory will be available on this website shortly.

Zutphen has been a centre of government and legislation for centuries, which results in an impressive collection of charters. Though all of them are presented in this collection, the database is under construction, so information can be limited.

The municipality of Zutphen is keeper of not only her own archives, but also those of neighbouring municipalities Brummen and Lochem. The archives of these municipalities are kept in Zutphen. This collection presents you with the inventories of the archives and in some cases, a digital representation. 

  • Monuments (Monumenten)

The municipality of Zutphen carries responsability for the historical buildings in Zutphen. Some of them are national, other municipal monuments. All of them are under supervision of the specialists of the department of monuments at Zutphen. The collection Monuments will provide you with an database holding all monuments (national an municipal) in Zutphen and Warnsveld. This collection is expected online in the course of 2019.

This collection holds historical images and films of mostly the Museum Zutphen and the Regional Archive Zutphen. Maps, paintings, pictures and postcards; most of them available digitally. 


Are you in search for an ancestor? Looking for that one historical map of Lochem or did you always want to know if the vikings ever made it to Zutphen? Do not hesitate to mail or call us. And if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, just visit us. You are most welcome!

Erfgoedcentrum Zutphen
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